5 Off-the-Beaten-Path Places to Bond with Your Dog in NYC

Dogs are everywhere in New York City, but sometimes it feels that, as dog owners, we're shut out of so many fun places if we want to bring our dogs along. Here are some ideas to shake up your routine and have some new experiences with your pup. Remember, every dog is different, so keep your dog's personality and preferences in mind when choosing an activity. Have fun!

Photo by  Josh Calabrese  on  Unsplash

1. Inwood Hill Park

A massive park at the northern tip of Manhattan. This park has busy areas but also miles of trails to explore where you really feel like you’ve left the city. There’s also caves, eagles, and ancient burial grounds.

2. Boat Basin Cafe

A riverside café on the banks of the Hudson which has allowed dogs since before it was cool. Some might say it is a bit expensive for what you get, but a peaceful evening watching the sunset, by the water, with drinks – and your dog?! I think it’s worth it.

3. Prospect Park Dog Beach

Photo by  Andrew Pons  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash


Newly remodeled, it’s a fun place take to take water-loving dogs to cool off. Also, how often do our doggies get to frolic in the water in NYC? After your swim, enjoy a stroll through the park and then head to one of the many dog friendly restaurants with outdoor seating in Park Slope.

4. Brooklyn Cyclones Bark in the Park

If you have a social pup, who does not mind crowds, this could be a fun activity. The stadium’s bleacher section is reserved for people who bring their dogs. There will also be adoptions, freebies, and a chance to parade around the ball field with your dog!  


An art exhibit for dogs (and their people) is coming to Brookfield Place in Tribeca in August 2017. The exhibit was inspired by Jessica Dawson’s visits to Chelsea galleries with her dog. The installation will feature art which both canines and humans can appreciate. Apparently, many art galleries in Chelsea are dog friendly, so when the installation is closed,

Did you try any of these? Which did you and your dog like?

Any additional suggestions?